How To Templatize Roundup Review Posts Using Elementor, Anywhere Elementor and Advanced Custom Fields

Roundup review posts are the bread and butter of affiliate marketing. But creating such posts is a tedious and time consuming process. What even worse is switching to a new or updating an existing template style. You have to go through each post and manually change it. So much VA time is spent doing this.

Luckily there is a way to create reusable product templates for roundup posts using a combination of 3 WordPress plugins:

  • Elementor Pro
  • Anywhere Elementor Pro (AE)
  • Advanced Custom Fields Pro (ACF)

Elementor is used as a template builder. ACF PRO provides a repeater field alongside regular fields. Anywhere Elementor integrates a repeater field into Elementor templates. I hope that Elementor will add support for repeater fields in future versions and Anywhere Elementor could be removed from the setup.

ACF Setup

Start with defining a new field group for storing information related to products. 

Let’s name it Roundup Review.

Within the group create a field of Repeater type and name it Product Mini Reviews. 

Within Product Mini Reviews create subfields that you want to use for each of your review templates such as Title, Image, Description, Features, Pros, Cons, etc.

WordPress Post Setup

Create a new WordPress post. You should see a repeater section below the post editor.

Click Add Row and put the relevant product information into the row fields. Save Draft after you are done.

Anywhere Elementor Setup

Create a new global AE template with ACF Repeater block as Render mode. Choose the post you created earlier in the Post field. Repeater Field should be automatically filled. Click Publish. After the template is published click Edit with Elementor.

A standard Elementor page builder interface will become available.

This is where the magic happens. Anywhere Elementor has an Elementor widget called AE ACF Fields. You have to use it for every field you want to get from the field group we defined above.

Use the widget and update some of its fields to fetch data from the ACF Repeater field. Parent field is the name of the repeater field. Is Sub Field should be set to Repeater Field. Field is the name of the subfield you want to get value from the repeater field. Skin defines the type of the subfield.

Here is how a basic template can look like after all subfields are used.

Elementor Setup

Create a new Section template and open it for edit.

Inside of the template find AE Repeater Widget and drop it on the editing panel.

Set the widget to use the AE template you created earlier. Publish the template.

To make the widget display content from our post, open Preview settings and choose the post you created earlier. Click Update.

The repeater block should be previewed as a list of product templates created via Anywhere Elementor.

Go back to the WordPress admin and open Elementor templates. Among the templates find the one you’ve just created and copy its shortcode.

Final step

Open the wordpress post you created and insert a shortcode of the elementor section template.

Click Publish. Inside of the published post an Elementor template will be rendered using the data defined in ACF post fields. If you want to change the template all you have to do is to update the Anywhere Elementor template and the modification will be propagated across all posts using the Elementor template.


Overall, that’s a lot of work for initial setup but it’s worth it. I promise you it will recoup once you start using the templates for all roundup review posts.