How To Find Broken Amazon Affiliate Links

Amazon products constantly become unavailable, go out of stock or just completely disappear. That’s bad news for affiliates. If a reader clicks your affiliate link and finds a broken product, they are more likely to stop trusting you or stop their search and jump to their next distraction.

On average an established website has around 10-15% of affiliate links that go to a broken product. By leveraging SEOBox it’s easy to find all broken affiliate links and increase your revenue!

Generating an affiliate link report

There are 2 types of reports available on SeoBox: basic and extended. The basic report is available to everyone and doesn’t involve any additional steps. Just enter your affiliate website and a report will be ready for you within a reasonable amount of time.

For the extended report, you have to enter Amazon Affiliate credentials to allow SeoBox to pull additional information about products such as images, titles and their status.

We recommend using the extended type of report because it provides the most actionable information. However, it has caveats. Amazon imposes API limits on how much data can be fetched about the products. It’s directly related to the shipped item revenue under your Amazon Affiliate account. If you just started a new website and don’t have much traction, the extended report can easily consume all your credits and cause throttling on your affiliate website. Read this page to learn more about the limits.

Basic report

To get a basic report open SeoBox and go to Link Watcher. Under the Link Watcher page enter your website into the form.

After the website is submitted, you will see it below the form among other reports.

Based on the total amount of pages the whole analysis can take from a couple of minutes for a website with 20 pages to an hour for a website with hundreds of pages.

After the analysis has been done you will get an email and the status of the report will change to finished.

Here is an example of how a basic report looks like.

As you can see it doesn’t have product names, images, and statuses. Nevertheless, you can still identify the links without affiliate tags.

Extended report

To get an extended report open SeoBox and go to Link Watcher. Under the Link Watcher page go to the Settings page.

On the Settings page enter your Amazon credentials, an affiliate tag, and a marketplace.

To get Amazon credentials follow this short tutorial from Amazon.

After the settings are entered, follow the same steps as described above for the Basic report.

Here is how an extended report looks like. Apart from additional product information, you can now filter out products based on their statuses.

How to Analyse the Report

With the Basic and Extended reports go through all the links with missing affiliate tags and add them.

With the Extended report look at the products with Unavailable and Unknown statuses.

The Unavailable status means the product is out of stock. For seasonal products that might be okay. If it’s evergreen, you might want to search for a replacement product.

The Unknown status might mean 2 things. Either the product is out of stock or Amazon didn’t return product information. Go through each product with the unknown status and check their Amazon page. If it’s a 404 page then search for a substitute product.


The process to find broken affiliate links is simple and shouldn’t take more than a couple of minutes. Working on the report is a different story and you might want to get a VA involved to replace all the links and products. But it’s a no-brainer to increase your earnings. Give SeoBox a try to help you to recover your revenue.