How to Export Google Docs to WordPress in 5 Steps

  1. Sign up for a free SeoBox account
  2. Connect your WordPress user to SeoBox
  3. Click “Export” for your user, choose a Google document to export and wait for it to get uploaded.
  4. Find your draft among the WordPress pages or posts section
  5. Finally check your content and click publish!

Sign Up for a SeoBox account

Go to and click “Sign Up”. Go through a regular registration process. Enter your email address and password. Confirm your email address and you are set up.

Connect your WordPress user to SeoBox

Login to SeoBox and download the WordPress plugin from GDExport page.

Upload the downloaded zip file as a WordPress plugin to your website.

Activate the plugin.

Once you have the plugin installed and activated, go to Settings  GDExport. Click Connect GDExport button to connect your authenticated user.

This will redirect you to your SeoBox dashboard. You should see your user among Connected Users.

Export your first Google document

Once you have your WordPress user connected, click the Export button for this user.

After a short wait, a popup will appear offering you to login to Google Drive using one of your Google accounts. Pick the user account which you want to import from.

You will be asked to provide read-only permissions for SeoBox to access your GDrive files. This is necessary for SeoBox to get a file for export from your Google Drive. We don’t store any Google credentials on our servers and you can revoke access to the SeoBox application at any time.

After a successful login, a new popup will appear asking you to select a document to export.

Once a Google document has been selected, an export process starts. When the export succeeds, you will see its status as “Published as Draft”.

Find your draft in WordPress

Clicking “Published as Draft” link will open the draft on your WordPress website.

Check your post and publish

Scan your content. Assign categories and tags to the post. Click “Publish”.